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Shrewsbury Broken Laptop Screen Repair

A&A Computers Shrewsbury offer local broken laptop screen repair - laptop screen replacement services.

Please note; that laptops use many different specific types of laptop screen. Please also note that laptop touch screens are actually 2 different screens (the touch screen fits over the normal laptop screen).

Our average charge for laptop screen replacement and fitting is £85 (total cost). We keep some of the most common laptop screens in stock, but if we need to order a unit, this will typically involve removing the screen to check the exact part numbers (screen types can differ even between laptops of the same model number).

Please also note that laptop touch screens will almost always be slightly more expensive than standard laptop screens.

We can help via our local laptop screen repair service.

Simply bring the faulty laptop (with power supply) to us in Telford, or request collection if you are in Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury laptop screen repairs typically take 24 hours. this is because the repair process can involve stripping the laptop, removing the laptop motherboard (on some models), removing the laptop screen, fitting the new unit and re assembling - fully testing the laptop.

We also clean all connectors and we soak test all repaired systems.

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Laptop Screen Repair Does Not Apply to Apple Products


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