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We should immediately explain that we are not affiliated to BT, Sky, TalkTalk or Virgin.

However, we have set up numerous home networks and Business Networks using BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Routers etc.

We have also dealt with BT tech support, Sky tech support, TalkTalk tech support and Virgin tech support. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend any of their India based support centers.

A&A Shrewsbury Computer Repair have resolved numerous issues and have ourselves run Virgin Networks, Sky Networks and BT Networks and so have considerable experience with the above. Of these we find that Virgin tends to be the fastest and BT is the most reliable. We cannot recommend SKY because we feel that they are increasing prices to compensate for revenue lost due to "dodgy TV boxes".

Computer Networking Overview

Please note that internet access is controlled by the router. Virgin uses DSL routers whilst BT, SKY and TalkTalk uses ADSL routers. These two systems are incompatible and BT, SKY and TalkTalk routers are incompatible with each others networks.

Also; a DSL router connects to the internet via a dedicated cable port (this is why cable internet tends to be faster than BT, Sky or TalkTalk). ADSL routers connect to the internet via a telephone line and so can suffer from interference. This is why ADSL routers come with interference suppressors - small white boxes - also known as chokes.

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